Putter Pong Review

Love golfing and tailgating? Then its time to combine the forces of awesome and play some Putter Pong!

Putter Pong is the new tailgating game that you can set up at the tailgate to actually play some golf in the parking lot. The Putter Pong game is portable and can easily fit in a car’s trunk to load up for game day. The entire game folds up into one compact unit that has a carrying handle to easily take this anywhere you like, with one hand.

The Putter Pong game comes with 2 blue and 2 red golf balls. It also comes with a putter that breaks down so it also fits in the closed case when you put it away. You get 2 golf balls and your friend takes the other two. You can play the game however you best see fit,but I like the version where you each have to get a golf ball in each one of the 6 unique holes on the board. If you make it in the same hole you already made one in you don’t get any credit and you continue you until you get a ball in all the holes.

The Putter Pong game also allows you flexibility with the height of the ramp that the balls come off of to fly into the holes. You can adjust it down for less lift and a higher angle if you want more lift of your golf balls coming off the green.

If you set this game up at the tailgate, or even next homegating event, it is sure to garner attention and get a game going. There is something about seeing a mini putt putt style game that has a new twist that draws a crowd.

PROS: portable, addicting game, even comes with a putter
CONS: a few more colored golf balls would be nice, doesn’t play as well on taller grass (best on concrete/hard surface)
Overall,  The Putter Pong game is addictive to play and you and your friends may get so caught up in the Putter Pong game that you miss the football game!

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