QB54 Review

Don’t you love things that have more than one use? I know I do. We are running out of space in this world, so having items that can be used for multiple purposes can help save time and money. I recently came upon a chair that transforms into a tailgating game. Let me introduce you to QB54.

A short name that will always prompt the question: What is the 54 for? The 54 is the total number of points you need to win the game. Let’s take a step back first. On the surface the QB54 looks like your basic tailgating chair, but upon further inspection you can tell this chair is hiding a secret. The QB54 comes in a set of two chairs and there are a variety of colors to choose from. When you first open the chair you can see there is a net hanging under the bottom of the chair. Where you sit down, on the chair, there is a velcro opening that you can seal up with sitting and down and open up when it’s time to get a game on. By pulling this velcro pouch back it opens to a netted hole that you will aim to throw the football into.

After you open up the netted hole you will unhook the backing of the chair and add in a goal post. I know that sounds crazy, but the goal post will slide right on the back posts of your chair. This is to kick a football through during the game. At this point the game is fully set up and it’s time to ball.

Let’s take a look at the directions and scoring:

1) Set Chairs in Game Mode (we did that in the steps above)
2) Set Chairs approximately 40 feet apart, or adjust according to skill level (when you start out bring them closer..be humble)
3) Game can be played one vs one or 2 vs. 2
– When one vs. one – players are playing from opposite sides
– When 2 vs. 2 – teammates are on opposite sides
4) Players Alternate Throws.
5) Hit the Chair on a Fly – Player/Team gets 3 points
6) Player throws ball into basket (touchdown) – Player/Team gets 6 points
7) Score touchdown, kick  for extra point. Earn an Extra Point by kicking through goal posts.  Win game if your kick goes into the hole/basket.
(this sounds way easier than it is)
8) If the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the offensive team gets 2 points.
9) Defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground. Defending team must allow the ball to hit the chair first.
10) Switch sides when the leading team reaches 12 pts, 24 pts, 36 pts, 48 pts
11) First team to reach 54 wins ! (Gotta win by 2).  Losing team gets last licks, one throw.

Now let me talk about my experience with QB54. First, as I mentioned earlier, big fan of things that can serve multiple purposes and this game does that with one caveat. Before I say the caveat let me tell you that I’ve tested out the best of the best tailgating chairs and know a comfy chair when I sit in one. Unfortunately, this is not a top of the line chair built for comfort. It is a sturdy, serviceable chair that serves it purpose, but this wouldn’t be my first choice for the best seat in the house.

Now let’s talk about where this product shines: on how fun it is. This is a game that really gets you into the football spirit before the game. All of your friends that are trash talking about how good at football they are while sitting in the parking lot will now have to prove it. You get to go one on one or teams of two. Then show off your accuracey and ability to kick a ball during the game. Yes the kicking part of the game I struggled with during the video

(I blame that on not wanting to kick the ball in the lake) and yes you may hit some onlookers and other tailgaters during the game, but isn’t that a great way to meet new people?

Overall, I enjoyed the game and if they find a way to make the chair more comfortable then this product would be pretty close to perfect.


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