Qbag Review

Last week my family went on our annual camping trip and of course we had a great time.  While camping, we like to make use of our campfire as much as possible, which means cooking food on it when ever we get a chance.  This year we were given a new product to test which was perfect for a campfire called QBag.

QBag is essentially an aluminum foil pocket, or bag, with a see-through self-ventilating window on top which allows you to monitor your food while it is cooking.  The design is to make grill cooking easy with less mess while providing a perfect vessel to cook your food, both meat and vegetables.  Qbag comes in a packet of three but can only be purchased internationally right now.

On our vacation we used the QBags twice, once for roasted potatoes and once for bone-in, marinated chicken breasts.  The result of both products were pretty good, but we did encounter some possible issues.

Our chicken was very flavorful and juicy but the downside we had with our chicken was since there was a see-through window on one side, we were unable to flip the bag with the chicken in it because it must remain foil-side down.  Because of this we had to take the chicken out of the bag for the last 1/3 of the cooking process to finish cooking the chicken.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for us since we didn’t mind some grill marks on our chicken but that is one thing to keep in mind when you pick what food items you are using in the bag.

With the potatoes, they cooked evenly but unfortunately they stuck to the foil even though we used a little butter in hope of them not sticking.  We did peel open the window, as recommended, to stir the potatoes while cooking but the problem is all the heat is let out and there really isn’t a way to close the window back to have the food continue to cook inside the bag in a pressure-cooking environment.  The potatoes we managed to scoop out of the bag were very good, we just lost some casualties that were stuck to the bag.  Maybe using some cooking spray might of helped… we will try that next time.

Pros: Reduces mess while cooking, limited clean up, keeps grill marks off food, window allows to see food cook and easy to serve food.

Cons: Window prevents the bag from being turned over for items that need even cooking or to speed up cooking process, window doesn’t seal back if you open it during the cooking process, isn’t available in the United States.

The Qbag with stood our campfire without any issues and they are small, which is perfect for packing.  It definitely lived up to its claim of mess free cooking.  This is definitely a product I would use on our next camping trip with a few tweaks now that we have used the product.

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