QDH Truck Air Mattress Review

There is nothing wrong with finding a good spot to chill. We may have found something to make that happen a little bit easier as we review the QDH Truck Air Mattress.

We got the QDH Truck Air Mattress on Amazon. It came and it has set in a pile of gear that we had to review, for longer than it should have. When I finally opened it up I started to have flashes of how I could use this air mattress.

-Netflix and chill nights on the floor

-In the back of the my pick up truck

-In rear of our SUV

-As a spare bed when we have multiple guests over

As I sat there, I thought this could be pretty handy for many situations. I got the included electric air pump out and started pumping. There are multiple ports on this air mattress and will take about 5 minutes to get them all pumped up. Once pumped it’s ready for action.

We started our testing on the living room floor. Many nights I get off the couch and lounge on the floor and thought this could make the floor feel a bit better. That it did. I like too that this QDH air mattress has a back on it, as you can layer pillows up against it, or simply sit up and use it more like a couch.

Speaking of using it as a couch it can actually transform into a couch! You can fold this mattress in half and boom you have an air couch. It was pretty comfy as with the air it gives you a little rocking motion.

When I put this in the back of the truck I was also a fan, as now you can really chill at the tailgate, if you need to get off your feet, or if you have a little too much fun.

When trying to get into our smaller SUV it was not a good fit. We had it fully pumped when trying to slide it in and it was a no go. You could put it in the SUV without any air and then pump up and that could make it work.

PROS: easy set up, comfortable, multiple uses

CONS: it gets dirty easily

Overall, this is a handy product that we will use around the house and when we go on tailgating adventures.

You can get your own on AMAZON.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 11/19/20

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