Quaffer Shot Glass Review

You’ve taken a shot before, but likely not how we are going to show you in this blog review. The Quaffer Shot Glass allows you to become a tailgating magician and make the liqour sit on top of the mixer. No really, the alcohol will literally stay above the mixer thanks to the design of the Quaffer glass and science. Ready to impress your friends with the most unique shot ever? Let’s get into the Quaffer Shot Glass Review.

How Does the Quaffer Shot Glass Work?

In a simple word SCIENCE, but let’s see if we can better explain how you look like a magician when you pour a shot in a Quaffer Shot Glass.

Hard alcohol is less dense than non-alcoholic chasers. If you pour alcohol over a chaser very slowly you can keep the alcohol and the mixer from well, mixing. This glass makes the process easier as the double bubble design limits the surface contact between the two liquids.

Slowly pour the alcohol in the Quaffer and watch the magic take place!

What Did We Think?

When I first saw these I was like HOW? Well I broke that down a moment ago, but I was stoked to actually see how this worked. I took a few of these out to a Colorado State tailgate to see how these did in our Tailgating Challenge.

I wanted to try a variety of mixers to see how they did and how they looked in the Quaffer glass and started with some Diet Mountain Dew. I waited to get the pour line right to the bubble and then tilted the glass and slowly poured tequila on top. WOW it worked on my first try! I also tried a variety of juices that also provided similar results to the carbonated drinks.

Now lets talk about what you can NOT use as mixer, Beer! This makes sense the more I learned about the science behind it, but I had to try. I wanted to make a spicy pumpkin shot with Pumpkin beer and Fireball. When I poured the Fireball it went through and into the beer. Given they both have alcohol, science would not let me completed this Quaffer creation.

When taking the shot you get hit with the liquor first and then the chaser right after. It is a legit chaser! It was a fun way to take shots at the tailgate and there were a few jaw dropping moments when people watched the shots being made and to their surprise the liquor stayed on top!


PROS: amazes friends, unique way to take a shot, easy to learn how to make perfect shot
CONS: needs better etching as letter is already fading

Overall, this is the most fun shot glass that I have ever used and this makes me want to get even more creative with the shots I make. If you’re looking for the ultimate shot glass time to a Quaffer!

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/20/22

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