Quarter Boards Review

Ready for a fun and challenging new game that can almost fit in your pocket and you just need some loose change to play? AllCornhole has Quarrter Boards out now that you can get to play at your next tailgate or homegating event. The idea and concept is similar to cornhole in that you need to get the quarter on the board (1point) or in the hole (3points). The difference is that you have to BOUNCE the quater on the table/surface before it hits the board. That made this game more challenging from the start (as you can see in my video I was no rockstar when I shot the video)

As with all games you learn tips and tricks to get better over time. Are you up for the Quarter Board Challenge?

PROS: small and portable,so easy to take anywhere. Can become addicting (is that good or bad??) Low price point for a game. Great stocking stuffer idea come Christmas time.  They can also make these into custom boards to reflect your own unique style.

CONS: can’t play on all surfaces (like a cooler top) as the coin won’t bounce correctly to play.  They could widen the hole a little bit more to then allow use of play with bottle caps too.

Overall, for a fun portable game this Quarter Board set up is one to consider. You can get your own for less than you’d think by visiting:


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