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I’ve been drinking kombucha for years for the health benefits and I also enjoy the taste. Kombucha is highly regarded as one of the best drinks for your gut and that’s why I have a few of these drinks each week. Some kombucha has to ferment for up to 30 days, but we just found a tablet that can create kombucha in less than 10 minutes! Let’s find out how the QULA Kombucha Tablets do in this edition of the Tailgating Challenge.

Why Should you Care?

-Probiotics are good for you!

-70% of your immunity is in your gut.


-L-Theanine can give you energy without caffiene

-less than 1 gram of sugar

-no alcohol

Flavors of QULA

-Blood Orange Rosemary

-Guava Rose

-Mango Pineapple

-Pink Sunshine (not in the test)

What Did We Think?

Again, I’ve been drinking kombucha for years and can easily tell a kombucha that I like. The QULA came in and we got to test 3 of the 4 flavors, listed above. I quickly opened up a few packages and passed them out to our friends to get their thoughts too.

First step, fill up a glass with 12 ounces of water and then drop the QULA tablet in. You can use sparkling water if you enjoy that tingle on your taste buds. Then drop your tablet into the water and you can watch the process take place.

You can see the tablet starting to break down and change the color of the water soon after it hits the liquid. After about 5 minutes it is getting close to being done with the ‘fermenting’ process. Note that there are floating materials in the final product. This is normal don’t panic.

Once the process was over we tasted them all and were surprised at just how good each one tasted. My favorite was Mango Pineapple, followed by Guava Rose, and finally Blood Orange Rosemary. Adding them to sparking water was a win, as that made it even better, to me.

There are only 5 calories in a serving, it tastes great and I felt good afterwards. I crushed an awesome work out just after filming the video below. It was one of the best workouts I’ve had this year. I’m not saying it was all the QULA, but it could have been a piece of the puzzle.


PROS: Good flavor, ready to drink in under 10 minutes, gives little boost of energy, saves on glass bottles, portable

CONS: I’d like to see the cost point come down since there is a savings in time to ferment and less packaging from regular kombucha

Overall, if you enjoy kombucha, keeping some of these QULA kombucha tablets on hand can ensure you can easily have kombucha on the go.

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QULA Kombucha Tablets Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 6/29/21

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