Red Solo Cup Koozie Review

Tailgating, its based three things food, drink and fun! What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to have a fun koozie to keep your tailgating beverage on chill? Enter Boozin’ Gear’s red solo cup koozie. This is the hottest koozie on the market and for good reason!

Everyone knows that a red solo cup means that a party is in hand, so what better way to keep the party going in style? Keep your bottle or can in a red solo cup all day long! This koozie is thicker than your average koozie and has a solid feel in your hand. The extra dense foam that is used also keeps your hand warm and dry vs. a standard koozie. We placed 2 cold beverages in both a regular koozie and a red solo cup koozie. After an hour the temperature was tested and both were approximately the same temperature, so its hard to say that this koozie will keep your drink colder, but who nurses a drink for over an hour anyways?!?

Pros: ergonomics, keeps hand moisture free, hands stay warm, and the koozie just looks cool
Cons: the smell (needs to breathe for a few days after removal from the plastic wrapper)

Overall this is the most unique koozie we have ever had the opportunity to use and for less than $10.00 each, it is not a bad investment if you want to be the star at your next tailgate. Check out

Order yours here:

Tailgating Challenge tested, Toby Keith approved!

*Disclaimer: the contents of this review are strictly opinion and individual results may vary. Tailgating Challenge received no monetary consideration for this review.

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