Red’z Marinade Review

If its times to grill then its time to marinade your meat to bring out the most flavor. Red’z Marinade was created in Michigan and is sweeping the midwest. They were kind enough to send me a few bottles to try out: Their ‘regular’, the ‘creeper’ and the ‘Stinger’. I’ll be honest I’m not a spicy guy, so things that have multiple flames beside them to describe their flavor, I have to give those to some friends who can handle the heat!

I did however, marinde some chicken with the Red’z marinade for a few hours before tossing the chicken on the grill. Red’z Bulgogi BBQ Sauce is a Korean inspired Yopper wave of flavor and has ingredients such as: Soy sauce, molasses, lemon juice, garlic salt, and other spices.

If you like soy sauce then this is something you definately want to try, if you dont’ care for soy sauce then you’ll want to look for another marinade. After the chicken was ready for the grill, I put it on the grill and let the sizzle happen.

You could smell soy sauce in the air as the chicken cooked to perfection.

I tasted the chicken afterwards and it had a salty taste with a hint of sweetness on the backend. I’ll be honest I don’t care for soy sauce and this was good in small amount, but after eating it for a while the soy sauce/salt flavor was too much for me. Your individual results may vary.

PROS: a unique marinade that soy sauce lovers will LOVE

CONS: need a lower sodium version

Overall, if you love soy sauce then you need to get your hands on Red’z sauce.

Check them out HERE 

*Opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary:)

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