Repour Wine Saver Review

If you love wine then I’m sure there has been the occasion in which you couldn’t finish the entire bottle, but you don’t want it to go to waste. Once you open a bottle of wine the clock is ticking on how long it will retain the delicious flavor that you enjoy from when you pull the cork out. Oxygen is the enemy of the flavor of wine. The longer the wine is exposed to oxygen the quicker it loses it flavor and can turn on you.

The Repour Wine Saver aims to help you with this problem, so you can enjoy the same flavor days after you uncork the bottle of wine. The Repour Wine Saver works by absorbing the oxygen from the bottle into the Repour Wine Saver, so it doesn’t impact your the contents of your bottle.

Its easy to use. You simply pull a Repour Wine Saver out of the package (the are only good for one use) then pull the foil off the bottom and cork the wine bottle back up. The big question is does it work? I the tests completed 7 days was too long for the wine even with the Repour wine saver, but we found that 3-5 days would still preserve the integrity of the wine.

PROS: keeps wine fresh a few days longer

CONS: its a single use (you can still use it as a wine stopper, but it won’t have the magical powers)

Overall, this can come in handy in those rare times where you can’t finish the bottle in one sitting:) You can keep a few of these on hand to ensure the flavor remains until you get back around to polishing off the bottle.

Get your Repour Wine Saver HERE

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