Rhino Frames Review

If you own a vehicle then chances are you have, or you want your team’s license plate or frame on the front or back of your vehicle. There are plastic and metal frames out there that fade or rust with time. What if there was an option that was guaranteed for LIFE?!

We got to check out RHINO FRAMES that are guaranteed not to break, chip, scratch, pit, bend,rust or fade for life! If you somehow destroy yours they will send you a new one no questions asked!

When we opened up our package you can feel the quality these frames/plates are made with. The plates are made with an aluminum alloy casting and powder coated to your schools exact colors.  The license plates weight 1.25 pounds and are 12 inches by 6 inches with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting.

Every person that got to hold and see these plates came back saying one word “Quality” and I fully concur.

PROS: Guaranteed for LIFE. Won’t fade, powder coated to exact team colors. Looks great on the vehicle.

CONS: When will NFL be available:)

Overall, all of our staff is sporting a Rhino frame on their personal vehicles and doing it with pride. If you love your team then you know having a worn out, faded, ot rusty plate is doing them no justice. It’s time to switch to a Rhino Frame!

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