Ring Daddy Caddy Review

We love checking out the big game at a local sports bar, or brewery. When you can’t make it to the game and don’t feel like cooking, it’s a no brainer to call up your friends to meet up to watch the game. Our friends at Cardinal Toys had a fun idea that could change the game for owners and patrons of restaurants. May we introduce you to the Ring Daddy Caddy.

The Ring Daddy Caddy was designed to help add value by:

Entertaining: There is a built in ring hook game that you can play while you’re waiting on your food and drink.

Coordinating: There is a flag that customers can raise when they need service. This can ensure customers aren’t interrupted when having good conversations and it helps the waitstaff know when their services are needed.

Organizing: The Caddy aspect of this product can help hold the various condiments ie: ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, etc.

Advertising: There are three panels where you can have customized ads to showcase your businesses specials, or advertise for other local businesses. As the team at Cardinal Toys told me “These things can not only pay for themselves, but also make a business money.”

I took this around to a few breweries and local bars to get some real world feedback. I don’t own a restaurant so hearing some info from people in that business would be helpful to know. After using for a few weeks people had that ah ha moment where they could see the value in these systems. The one pause is still ‘training’ the customers and wait staff to look for the flag, when its raised or lower. This would be a learning curve, as this is not normal in most restaurants across the nation. I could see in the future taking this a step forward with adding an EASY button and the customers would hit the button and a light would light up at the top of the Ring Daddy Caddy.

I see this product as having value for a range of restaurant owners, but there could also be some cross over for tailgaters too. The Ring Daddy Caddy can be that centerpiece to keep your condiments together. You have a built in game that people can play as they crowd around the grill waiting for the burgers to get done. Heck, you can even brand it with your tailgating crew’s name.

This product is built sturdy. I hauled this around to different places and let businesses use it for the last six months and it still looks brand new.

The team at Cardinal Toys is on to something here and once it takes off you could see it at your local restaurant.

What do you think of this product? Is there a local sports bar/restaurant that you think needs these? Drop us a comment below.

You can get your own and learn more by visiting: https://cardinaltoys.com/


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Cardinal Toys sent us a unit to test out with the intention of getting our honest reviews on. No money was paid for this product review. That’s not what we do:)

Written by: Luke Lorick 11/23/19

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