Rollors Review

I have been an avid game fan since I can remember.  Card games, board games, yard games, you name it I’ll be the first in line to play.  Growing up I would only ask for games for birthdays and Christmas so when I had an opportunity to test the new outdoor game Rollors I was thrilled.

Rollors states it’s a combination of bocce, bowling and horseshoes.  Well, I love bocce and my husband loves bowling so it sounds like a perfect game for our family right out of the bag.  It also has received several awards, including Dr. Toy Winner and the Creative Child Seal of Excellence, so we were excited to test it out.

Upon opening the perfect carrying bag you will find six wooden ‘rollors’, which are basically wooden discs a little larger than a hockey puck, three in blue and three in red.  You also have two six-inch teepee shaped markers, or goals as the company calls them.  The set up is easy, you just place the goals approximately 25 feet away from each other, have each player grab a set of color rollors and you are ready to play.

The object of the game is to be the first person, or team, to reach 21 points.  The way this is done is similar to bocce rules.   Which ever color is closest to the goal after all six rollors have been rolled to the goal receives the point value on the rollor.  The rollors are numbered with a number, ranging 1 through 6, on each side of the rollor so it is possible to accumulate points rather quickly.

So for instance: If the blue rollor is closest to the goal, the blue team will receive the point value that is face-up on the rollor.  If there are any more blue rollors closest to the goal before the first red goal, the blue team will also receive those points as well.  But there is one catch with the Rollors game that differs from bocce.  In order to earn points, the rollors must be within a five foot radius of the goal.  If it is outside of the radius it does not count towards your point total.  Don’t worrying about how you are going to measure because Rollors provides you with a measuring cord that connects to the top of the goal that you can use to define the five-foot radius.

We played this in our backyard on a grass surface and had no problems rolling the discs.  Our family really enjoyed this game and it is perfect for kids and adults.  In fact, I watched my five-year-old son play it a few times and I learned a better technique to roll the disc from watching him.  Go figure.

I do think the five-foot radius was a little too big of a range when my husband and I played, but when playing with the kids it was great.  The directions do recommend narrowing the scoring-radius to three feet for more of a challenge, which is what we will probably do in the future.

Once you perfect your rolling technique the game can be pretty fast paced depending which number is face up in the scoring radius making it possible to score quite a few points in one turn.  This is good if you have a large group of people that are waiting to take turns to play.

With it being an all wood product, it is recommended to play only on soft, flat surfaces like grass, dirt and sand.  After playing for an hour the wood rollors held up great, getting just one nick in a rollor that hit the goal on the corner.  I will be interested to see how the wood product holds up after multiple uses.  They seem like they will maintain their smooth surface with the coating it has on top but only time will tell.

The one thing I would like to see changed is the measuring cord.  I like how it connects to the top of the goal and gives you an exact measurement, I only wish it came with two so you could keep the cord attached to each goal and not have to keep taking it on and off each time you roll the discs.

Pros: fun game that can be played almost anywhere, great storage/carrying bag, great quality (all wood product), great for all ages

Cons: comes with just one unattached measuring cord

Overall:  It is a fun outdoor game that is perfect for the whole family that can be used in the backyard, beach, park…you name it.  My family tested it in our backyard but I can guarantee you it will be coming with us on our next outing at the beach so we can have a new challenge on the sand.  Rollors will be great addition to our outdoor collection of fun.

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