Ryoko Solar Power Bank Review

We all need power. Not that kind of power, but power to charge things like your phone. We’ve shown off quite a few power banks and portable power stations, but today we bring you a charger that is truly portable. Meet the Ryoko solar power bank.

The Ryoko solar power bank brings power to the palm of your hand to help charge your small electronic devices, anywhere. The drawback to some of the other ‘portable’ power stations is that they aren’t as portable as you’d like, when you’re going off the grid. The Ryoko can also harness the power of the sun to help charge your devices too.

Check out some of the features of the Ryoko Solar Power Bank:

  • 1000mAh
  • Solar charging 200mA
  • 10 LED flashlight  
  • Carabiner 
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Double USB charging
  • Internal battery

We got our Ryoko in and thought this would be perfect for our hiking trips. It was slightly larger than the palm of your hand (6.50 x 3.50 x 0.80 inches) and it was under 1 pound (0.62 lbs). It also had a built in carabiner to easily attach to our pack. Before we went out we charged the unit with a micro USB cord to get all four of the blue dots showing (this means fully charged). When charging with the micro USB it took a few hours to get it charged, so before you panic it is normal. We got to the top of the mountain and I decided to charge my phone up to see how it would do. When I plugged in the USB cord to the phone and powered up I noticed that to the right of the blue dots a red flashing dot has now appeared. This flashing red dot means it is charging via solar power!

Before you get overly excited this feature is at best a trickle charge and is there to help you out in a pinch. For example, if your Ryoko charger is totally dead it will take days to charge the power bank fully back up, with sun alone. It can help out to give you enough charge to make that phone call if you’re in need. You should make sure the power bank is charged before your next adventure.

The tests we completed were with our iPhone 11 and we got almost 4 charges out of a fully charged Ryoko unit. It is estimated that you’ll get one iPad fully charge from the unit.

This was stated that it could withstand some water, so we dunked it in a cup of water to see. We pulled it out after a few second, wiped it down, and it went back to charging right away. I was impressed with this. Many items can withstand light water but when you totally submerse them, the electronics could fail. This is a great feature if you get caught in that unexpected rain storm.

Overall, this is a super portable charging unit that is so easy to keep in your backpack ,or glove box. Unlike some of the other portable power stations this one is under $30 (at the time of review).

If you’re looking for some peace of mind when you’re away from home and avoiding that dreaded dead phone then check out the Ryoko Solar Power bank on AMAZON

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We never get paid to do a review. That way we can keep it real! We were sent one unit to test with the understanding of getting an honest review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 8/25/20

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