Safe-T-Sirv Grilling Hack

Want a fresh grilling hack to keep your food fresh and the bugs out? In this Tailgating Challenge we showcase the all new Safe-T-Sirv. This pan topper goes on top of your 13X9 pans to protect your food and also has a cut out for your grilling tool. Thanks for checking out the Safe-T-Sirv Grilling Hack.

Safe T Sirv Features

-Crystal Clear Lid

-Fits most 13X9 pans

-Silicone straps can adjust to different depth pans

-Food safe plastic

-Stores storage utensils when closed

-Dishwasher safe

What Did We Think

When I saw this on social media the words that came to mind was ‘Grilling Hack’ hence the title of this blog. When I marinate meat in a pan I normally use aluminum foil, or something to go over the top of the pan while it infuses in the fridge. This product can be used numerous times without adding more waste to the world.

The Safe-T-Sirv currently fits 13X9 pans and comes in red or blue silicone straps. The use of this is simple, you simply place the lid on top of your 13X9 pan and then connect the silicone straps to the 4 points to secure the to your pan.

This lid is super clear to see whats in the pan, secures tightly with no worries of it slipping/falling off and it is split so you can open the swing lid without taking the entire lid off.

When you are done grilling you can place the lid in the dishwasher to get it all fresh and clean for your next epic cook out.


PROS: clear view lid, cutout for serving utensils, reduces the use of aluminum foil
CONS: can only work with 13X9 pans currently.

Overall, if you’re looking for the ultimate pan topper then the Safe-T-Sirv may be just what the tailgating doctor ordered.

Learn more and get your own by visiting SAFE T SIRV.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/16/23

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