SAGameday Face Mask Review

Everyone shows off their fandom with a shirt and hat, but have you ever seen someone rep their team with a facemask? You can now with the line up of SAGameday face masks that block the sun and rep your team in a fun new way.

The team at SAGameday produces NCAA face masks that come in a variety of your favorite schools with unique styling. They sent us a few of the teams, they currently have, to check out. I took a couple of these to the tailgate at the University of Georgia to have some fun and shoot the below video.

Not only do these face masks have your favorite team on them, they also help block the sun from your face and neck area. In the summer whether your at the tailgate, fishing, or hiking these can also be a lifesaver so you don’t have the BURN..from the sun that is.

These are made from a Polyester microfiber to help wick sweat away and breath. These have SPF 40 and also can help block the wind. You can use these SAGameday face masks in a variety of ways from wearing it as a bandana on your forehead, around your neck, or as the full facial mask. Some of the styles with the wide open animal mouth are the most fun and aggressive way to sport these face masks, in my opinion.

I put the Baylor Bears face mask on, with the ferocious bear mouth, and I have to say, its AGGRESSIVE! It would make any Baylor fan want to yell Sic’Em! The looks I got from people were, shall we say, interesting as I looked pretty crazy and the fact that the game we were tailgating for didn’t include Baylor:)

The SAGameday facemask slide on relatively easily and I found it best for it to sit on your neck and you could pull it up when you needed the protection, or if you needed to go undercover! These are touted as helping to keep the sun off, which they do a great job of, but I also want to point out that these help cut the wind or cold too. I actually will use these more in the cold than in the extreme heat. I’m always hot, so having more material on my face and neck in the summer isn’t going to happen, when its blazing outside. When it’s cold out though these could help keep the nose and neck warm.

PROS: make you look unique and stand out, represent your team in a different way, can help block sun and wind over exposure.

CONS: For me these will be too hot and confining to use in extreme heat (but will be awesome when its COLD out)

Overall, if you need to protect your face and rep your team then its time to get aggressive with SAGameday! What team do you need!?

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