Santa’s Flask Review

Christmas time is in the air and with that comes relatives, shopping for gifts, and stress! One of the things people are always looking for in December are stocking stuffers. Well the team at Party Flask came up with Santa’s Flask to make it that much easier to deal with stress and trying to figure out what to stuff the stocking with.

Santa’s Flask is just that, a flask that has a sturdy clip so you can hang it from the mantel and fill it up, just like a stocking. It can hold up to 2.25 liters which is plenty to help santa warm up after dropping off your presents. Santa’s flask has a wide mouth screw off top that makes it simple to fill up with your favorite holiday spirit. There is an easy pour spout at the bottom that makes it a breeze to fill your cup up.

If you fill Santa’s Flask all the way up you will need a heavy duty stocking holder, or a good nail in the mantel as it can hold well over a full bottle of the alcohol of your choice.

Filling it up is simple with the large mouth design. When you pull up on the easy pour spout the liquor flows out pretty fast…Like it wants you to drink it. The stocking is BPA-free which is a plus. The only downfall is that it can be hard to get the inside of this flask fully dry after washing.

Did I mention this can hold 3 bottles of wine, should liquour not be your thing. Just throwing that out there!

PROS: fun design, BPA-free, holds A LOT of booze, festive, easy pour spout

CONS: Need a heavy duty stocking holder if you fill it up, hard to get the inside dry after use.

Overall, this is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Instead of getting your loved ones stocking stuffers this year, get them Santa’s Flask because you will always know what to fill it with!

Get yours HERE

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