Scorzie Koozie Review

If you tailgate then chances are that you are a gamer too. From cornhole, to beer pong and the myriad of games to choose from you need a way to keep score. The trouble is sometimes when you are tailgating hard it can be hard to keep up with the score of the games you play. That is where the Scorzie koozie comes into play.

The Scorzie koozie does two things:
1.Keeps your beer cold
2. Keeps the score of the game

The Scorzie koozie has two sliding numerical scales to keep score, up to 21, in the game of your choice. This can come in handy, especially when playing cornhole. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been involved in multiple games where both teams thought the score was different and its hard to say who is correct in these circumstances. With the Scorzie koozie you will know and can show the other team the exact score. The only caveat is that you still have to remember to actually update the score after each round. The Scorzie koozie is good, but it can’t autopopulate the score of a live game..yet. Who knows in the future with some bluetooth devices in the board/bags and koozie that could be a real thing. I’m getting ahead of myself, but if you come up with that procud remember you heard it here first:)

Back to the Scorzie, The number one job of a koozie is to keep your drink cold and the Scorzie is built with a hard plastic outer shell and then insulation on the interior to keep your drink cold throughout the tailgating games that you are sure to play. The score keeping aspect of the Scorzie is a bonus and is super simple to use. To start the game you have both red and blue on zero and then you adjust the score after each round. That is the biggest caveat: You still have to rememer to update the score.

PROS: keeps score and keeps beer cold
CONS: can not put this koozie in your backpocket when you are done drinking. You have to remember to update the score or you’ll be in the same position over fighting about what the score is.

Overall, if you’re ready to stop fighting about what the score of the game is, then its time to get the score keeping koozie from Scorzie.

Keep score and keep your beer cold by getting a Scorzie HERE

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