Seal Skinz Waterproof Socks Review.

I recently learned about Seal Skinz at a trade show that I attended and was fortunate enough to get to know this company a little bit better. We all know that you can not let weather stop you from having a good time at the tailgate, but no one likes cold, wet feet.

Seal Skinz to the rescue! I got to test out a pair of their socks (they have more types of socks than you can imagine for all, shall we say, WALKS of life) and quickly put this pair to the test.

I figured if you’re outside with some light rain in your shoes it may not truly show off how waterproof these socks are, so I had to get in the tub. I know, I know I’m going to keep it family friendly, no worries:)

I put the Seal Skinz socks on and first off, they were actually more comfortable than I thought they would be. Some waterproof items I’ve used in the past are a little rigid and don’t feel that good on. These were a different story in terms of comfort, but we’re here to see if they can keep your feet dry. I cut on the faucet and stuck my foot under the flowing water for about a minute.

Not a drop of water got through to my toes and better yet I could barely feel the temperature of the water!

PROS: more comfortable than you’d expect from a waterproof item, they keep water out!

CONS: They don’t fully repel the water as the socks are wet to the touch (the outer portion, not the interior that touches your feet)¬†after you’ve been in the water.

Overall, a product that does what it says and is more comfortable than I anticipated. I’m ready for it to rain:)

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