Shark Wine Glass

We found the perfect wine glass for any shark lover. Meet the shark wine glass. This glass has an actual glass shark in the center of the glass that comes up from the wine stem.

We saw these last year right before shark week and fell in love. We shared a picture of them on our Instagram site that was our most popular post of the year. I figured this year for Shark Week I’d buy a couple of these glasses and see if they were as cool as the pictures led us to believe.

These come in sets of two and I found them on Amazon for under $25.00 (CLICK HERE). In about a week these came in and my biggest fear was that the shark would be broken. To my delight it was not broken and I was even more impressed with the packaging. They have both glasses surrounded in thick foam and then more foam over the top of the shark to ensure everything arrives safely.

When I pulled them out and looked, I was surprised as things NEVER look as good as some advertisements make them to be, but these did. They were super clear and there was great detail of the shark.

shark wine glass

I pulled out some wine and beer and started to cover up the shark in some different adult beverages. It is really cool to fill the cup up with a transparent liquid that you can see the shark in. He looks ominous and is there sip after sip. I also enjoy getting the pour just right so just the fin is sticking out, above the adult beverage. It makes me want to break into the Jaws theme as I write this up.

The other question I had about this is how well will the shark has held up. There would be obvious concern that his stem could break and then the glass is ruined. I have been using these glasses for over a month and they still look brand new. There have been no issues with the shark in the glass, but I will say do not put these in the dishwasher. I haven’t and I will never, as I can see something going wrong this way. Just wash the cup by hand and let it soak in warm, soapy water.

Overall, this is one of the coolest glasses I have tested and I know if you love sharks, like I do then you need to get a set of these shark wine glasses.

Order yours on AMAZON.

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We never get paid for a review. In this case I even bought these glasses right off of Amazon. We aim to keep it real and give you the truth!

Written By: Luke Lorick 7/29/20

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