Sharpal Survival Tools Review

I love tailgating, but getting out in the great outdoors is another passion of mine.  When in nature you need to be prepared for anything and that’s what the Sharpal multi-purpose survival tools do, make you ready for Mother Nature.

The hope is that nothing ever happens when you are out enjoying a great hike, or camping experience, but it’s nice to have piece of mind. The Sharpal 6 in 1 and 5 in 1 tools fit in your pocket and can help with the following:

-sharpening knives
-sharpening fish hooks
-fire starter (on the 6 in 1 tool)
-emergency whistle (on the 6 in 1 tool)
-compass (on the 5 in 1 tool)

These work great for sharpening your knives from fine honing, to course sharpening there are multiple ways to ensure your knife is ready for anything. A knife is one of the ultimate survival tools, so keep it sharp.

Now with the fish hooks, I see where this could be helpful if you’re on a long fishing trip and can’t get anymore hooks, but I’ll be honest I’m buying a new hook if mine starts to let fish get off.

Moving on to the fire starter that is found on the 6 in 1 model. First you get your dry kindling together and then pull the fire stick out of the tool. You take the fire stick and run it through the carbide slot (that you use to sharpen your knife) to get some sparks to fall on the tinder. Note that there is a rubber coating on the fire stick that you will need to get off before the sparks come. To get it off just keep pulling it through the carbide slot until the sparks come.

Next up is the emergency whistle. This can be important to draw attention to where you are if you’re in trouble. I also learned that its a requirement in Texas to have an emergency whistle when you are kayaking. Don’t ask how I learned…It wasn’t google!

Finally, in the 5 in 1 model there is a compass that is built in to help you find your way out of a bad situation. This is another tool that when used correctly can save your life.

My main feedback is that they should have added the compass to the 6 in 1 tool, so it has everything the 5 in 1 model has and more. If the 6 in 1 tool had that (the compass) I’d give it a perfect score. My preference is for the 6 in 1 tool as it has more features that I’d use. I plan to keep this on my kayak when I go out to stay compliant with the local laws and maybe even sharpen a hook if the fish are biting good.


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