Shinesty NFL Suit Review

I love my team! Yes I’m that fan that supports their team through the worst of times and the best of times. I may not be quite as loud during those rough seasons, but when the team is shining I want to shine with them. I found the Shinesty NFL team suits that help me shine bright.

The Shinesty team is known for some fun outer wear that is made for people who like to stand out and make people smile. They make NFL Suits that will help you support your in a whole new way. Most people put on a team shirt and hat and head out to the tailgate, but what if you want to do more? The Shinesty NFL suits can help you do that. They have suit jackets, suit pants and even team ties (not all teams have all of these items available at the time of this article) that will not just say you’re a fan, but SHOUT that you are a fan of your team.

My favorite team, since I was 8 years old, has been the San Francisco 49ers. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young resonated with me and I’ve been a Niners fan ever since then. When I saw the NFL team jacket they had for the 49ers I fell in love and immediately connected with the Shinesty team to get our hands on one to test out. On a side note, I learned about these team suits through the Shinesty magazine that was delivered to my home. Their magazine is hilarious and I really appreciate their sense of humor and marketing with their products. If one comes in your mailbox don’t trash it before checking it out.

The team jackets are 100% polyester and come in sizes from 36 to 54 and I appreciate that they have more sizes than just S-XL. This helps ensure a more tailored fit to keep you looking sharp.

I wore this jacket to work and around town and got many comments about how cool it was. Some were fellow 49ers fans that wanted to show their support, others were fans of other teams that let me know their team was better. The one thing in common is that everyone that saw this jacket SMILED!

While they didn’t have the team pants for the 49ers, I’m hoping these get into their line up soon. The only other thing that would make this jacket ‘pop’ more is if it lit up!

Overall, if you’re a super fan then you need a super wardrobe. I never thought I’d wear a suit to the tailgate, until now.

Need to step up your NFL fandom? Visit Shinesty to get your own team suit jacket:

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Shinesty sent us the suit jacket with the understanding to get our honest feedback on. NO monetary consideration was paid.

Written by: Luke Lorick 1/12/20

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