Football season is now officially upon us. With that comes tailgating and dressing up to go to the big game. Many times I’ve seen ladies dressed to the nines at the tailgate, but they have no pockets. No where for their tickets, phone, credit cards, etc.

The makers of the Sholdit helped with this problem. They created a line of scarves that not only will go great with your game day ensemble, but also have a secret pocket to store your game day essentials.

One of the things that is great about the pocket is that it actually has some size to it. This is not a small pocket that will only allow for lip gloss. We were able to put a phone, lip gloss, tickets, gum, makeup, etc into the pocket. Further if you get too warm or no longer want to wear the scarf it will turn into a handy purse!

PROS: makes a great addition to your game day attire with bold colors, has secret pocket to stash your essential items, and turns into a purse should you no longer wish to wear it.

CONS: too many items in the large pocket can make it a little heavy:)

Overall, I think these are great ideas for the ladies that love to tailgate. Check out all of their colors and options below.

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