Shoo Away Review

When you’re out tailgating or having a backyard BBQ you love to have all of your friends over, but not bugs. The creator of Shoo Away felt the same way and made these unique table top fans to help keep bugs away from your delicious food.

The Shoo Away is a lightweight fan than runs on double A batteries and the blades have reflector style material that helps keep flies and bugs away from your food serving area.

I set out a bowl of fresh fruit and juices to try and get bugs to come visit me while under the Shoo Away fan. I ran the fan and experiment for over two hours and never saw a bug on the fruit.

PROS: Lightweight, long run life, fan blades fold flat for easy storage, keeps bugs away from food.

CONS: if there is a breeze or wind the lightweight fan blades have trouble, but start again when the wind dies down. Normally if its windy though there are no bugs:)

Overall, this appears to be a great way to help protect your food. If you don’t want uninvited guests coming to your next tailgating party then its time to Shoo them Away!

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