SiliPint Review

We’ve all been at the party before when someone committed the ultimate party foul: they spilled their drink. This is bad party etiquette, but it’s even worse when the glass is broken and there are shards of glass all over the floor. Getting glass in your foot, or getting a nasty cut picking up the broken pieces of glass is no party! This is why I love the new cups I got in from Silipint.

The Silipint cups are made from Silicone, which makes sense on how they got the name, as they took the pint glass and made it SILI, with silicone. I review a TON of products, so while I was intrigued when I first saw these on instagram I wasn’t in awe. It wasn’t until I actually got them, saw them, and felt them, did I know how special these cups were.

We got in a couple of pint glasses and bomber glasses too (are these still called glasses if there is no glass in them?) the bomber cups are for the larger, aka tall boy beers. The style of two of the Silipints really stood out to me. I fell in love with the Hippy Hops and the glow in dark green. Both of these glasses, I mean Silipints, are just like me DIFFERENT. The Hippy Hops is a tie dyed color cup and the green Silipint actually glows in the dark (You’ll never lose this once the sun goes down). The Hippy Hops was also really cool under a black light, that you can see above.

We know the cups look great and felt great in our hands, but how would they really perform under pressure. In the video below you can watch as I spike the cup on the ground, punt it, throw it and ever RUN IT OVER with my truck. Guess what they bounced back each time, ready for you to pour another cold beer into. How cool is that?

Speaking of cool did you know that the Silicone the cup is made from actually insulates the beverage? Think built in koozie! Not only can it keep your drink colder, but it can even stand the heat! You can even place these on the grill to heat up water, sauces or other liquids on gameday.

The Silicone cups are:

*Sustainable: They keep the those other red party cups from clogging up landfills.

*Safe: BPA-free, 100% food-grade tested & approved. Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

*Different: They are the cups that will STAND OUT at your next party.

*Versatile: From keeping drinks cold to keep things hot the Silipint covers a broad spectrum of uses.

The Silipint also comes in shot glasses, wine glasses and all the cups have a removeable lid. If you’re looking to help out mother earth, stop party fouls, and get some style points then check out

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