SkipShot Review

Games, Games, Games! There are games everywhere. Any time you you turnaround there is a new game that is hitting the market. Some really hit the mark and others not so much. We recently got in the SkipShot game to check out and give some feedback on.

The SkipShot game is a portable, weatherproof, outdoor game that is set to challenge you the next time you think you have mastered all the games out there. The SkipShot comes in 4 different colors: Blue, Red, Black and White. Players must ‘skip’ one of the three included balls on the launch pad and get it through a scoring ring. The goal of the game is to get to 2,100. Seems like a lot of points, but instead of a 1 pointer it is 100, up to a 10 pointer that is worth 1,000.

We got the Blue and White SkipShot in to test out and first thing I noticed is that it is extremely portable as folds flat and you can take it anywhere with just one hand. I think to beer pong and cornhole boards and how it can take a small army to get everything to the tailgate to get ready to play. The SkipShot looks pretty cool and I think the colors really make the game pop. There are 3 included soft red balls that you must then skip through the scoring rings on the game.

The part that makes the game harder is that you must use a launch pad that the ball must hit on, in order for it to count. So you set the scoreboard up and then move the launch pad back 4 feet away from the scoreboard. You then make a throw line where players have to stand behind to skip the balls off the launch pad and into a scoring ring.

I got it all set up and started to play and this game is pretty tough. The holes for the ball to go in are almost the same size as the balls, so it is a tight fit. You really have to hit it just right for the to go in. The center target, or bullseye, is crazy hard to make. At the time of writing this I still have not gotten 1 to go in and there has only been one made total, on this board.

The game presents challenges due to the size of the balls and the scoring rings. Some people got frustrated and quit, as they were not having fun. Others could appreciate the challenge and kept playing so they could master the craft. The launch pad is great if you’re playing at the beach or on a softer surface, but if on a hard surface I prefer to play with out it, as to me it’s more fun and you can play the game the way you want to. The good part is that you can do whatever you want if you have this game, so you don’t have to use the launch pad each time.

Aside from the holes not being quite big enough, the biggest issue I have with the game is that the balls go everywhere. There needs to be a net attached that will catch the balls, so they don’t roll somewhere….like the pool. We did learn that the balls do float, as a result of playing near the pool and having them go in.

PROS: Challenging, looks good, can play a variety of places

CONS: The scoring holes need to be a touch wider and there needs to be a net to catch the balls from going everywhere after a throw.

Overall, this is a fun game if you like a challenge. If your friends are casual gamers this could cause them to ask if you have anything else to play. My question for you: are you up for a good CHALLENGE?

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