GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station

When you’re out tailgating or camping you need a great table to help organize all of your food, beverages, coolers, utensils and so on. The table has to be easy to carry and sturdy. We got to test out the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station table recently to see if it would meet the needs for tailgaters and campers alike.

This table will fold flat and has a carrying handle to help get it from point A to point B. Set up doesn’t take too long but there are four side tables that each have two locks you have to lock in, a center table that has to be locked in and the bottom tray just needs to be pushed down to lock in. The table could be little awkward to carry, but not a big deal for the majority of people.

Once you are ‘locked and loaded’ the table has drink holders, bungee cords, places to put a wine glass, a safe place to put a small grill and more. There is plenty of space to help organize your next tailgating or camping event. One question with a table like this is will it be sturdy if fully loaded up. The simple answer Yes. I loaded it up and move it around fully loaded to see if there was any give, wobbles, etc and I’m happy to report this table appears rock solid.

The four side tables are made out of a plastic while the center table is made from aluminum, so it won’t melt if you have a small grill placed on this area.

PROS: folds down into a flat portable table, tons of storage, aluminum metal top, lots of different uses and things can be used with the table. Sturdy.

CONS: may be slightly awkward for some people to carry, if left out outside in directly sunlight for extended time period I worry the side tables will fade as they are plastic. (Again if you use for the day and take down this should never be an issue.)

Overall, if you need some storage and organization in your life then its time to check out the Slim-Fold Cook Station from GCI.

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