SLOTS The Game Review

We love yard games and enjoy testing out new games to see how they do in our Tailgating Challenge. In the latest yard game challenge we check out the new SLOTS game. This is a backyard, beach style game where you roll a disc through holes for points. Let’s play some SLOTS, SLOTS, SLOTS in the SLOTS The Game Review.

How to Play SLOTS Game

-Put boards together (all tools/hardware included)

-Place boards into ground 25 feet apart (you can adjust distance based on skill level)

-Roll discs through one of the three holes for points (the disc must hit the ground before the midway point between targets)

-The larger two holes are worth 1 point and the center, smaller hole is worth 3 points

-First to get to 21 points wins (if you go over you go back to 15)

-Leave all discs on the ground until the end of each turn

What Did We Think of SLOTS?

The setup of the SLOTS game took a few moments to get it unboxed and then put the boards together. Each board has 3 pieces that the included screws hold together. You then find a flat area to hammer in (included) the stakes, to secure the board for game play.

When I first started playing SLOTS I loved how well the discs rolled and stayed upright. The discs easily roll towards the target. If you’re playing in thicker grass it will impact your rolls for you to adjust to. With this said it also gives new challenges each time you play as the cut of the grass, or bumps in the land will be new things to navigate for dominance in playing SLOTS.

As the game went on we got more and more comfortable with the game and had fun rolling the discs back and forth trying to get them through the holes. The emotions of watching the disc come close to the hole, only to get rejected caused many reactions. When the disc makes it through the 3 point hole there will be some guaranteed celebrations that occur. See video below for in game action shots.

This game has trick shots written all over it, as soon as we finished the game we attempted extra-long shots, rolling two discs at a time, behind the back rolls and even rolling a disc down the mountain trying to get some style points.


PROS: discs roll well, extremely fun, game that anyone can play
CONS: carrying case needs to be larger, can’t be played in parking lots

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun backyard game, it’s time to play SLOTS, SLOTS, SLOTS!

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SLOTS Game Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 7/22/23

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