SMARTRO ST54 Meat Thermometer Review

We all want to be grillmasters. We want our meat to taste amazing and impress our guests to show our grilling prowess, but sometimes we fall short. There are times when the meat you cook is awesome, but sometimes it is overcooked, or undercooked. You may use a timer, your eyes, and even cutting into the meat to see if it’s done, but I’ve learned you can get a more consistent grilling product if you use a meat thermometer. We just completed the SMARTRO ST54 meat thermometer review and had some awesome results.

I’ll be honest I haven’t used a meat thermometer much in the past. I was that guy that used his eyes, or a timer to determine when I thought the meat would be done. This did lead to times where I may have overcooked a nice steak, or undercooked chicken. This led me to either having to eat a steak that wasn’t as good due to leaving it on a few minutes too long, or having to bring the chicken back out to the grill, to ensure it was properly cooked, so no one got sick.  I did this for years growing up with some inconsistency with what was coming off the grill and knew there had to be a better way.

I tried a few other meat thermometers and they were either too complicated, or too simplistic, but the SMARTRO ST54 is the perfect balance, in my opinion, for newbies and professionals, alike. The SMARTRO ST54 offers the following features:

-Unit Measurement Range from 32 – 482 degrees F

-Timer Range from 99 minutes, 59 seconds. 

-Celsius or Fahrenheit settings

-Two waterproof meat probes

-Magnets, hanging hole, retractable stand

-6 preset cooking options

We went out to our local HEB to pick up a giant tomahawk steak, T-bone steak, and a bone in pork chop to finalize our testing and shoot the fun video that you can watch below.  We fired up the grill, put the meat on the grill and got our SMARTRO ST54 ready to go.  We plugged in both of the temperature probes and inserted them into the pork chop and the thick cut tomahawk steak.

Each probe can be set with one of the presets that include, well done, medium, rare/fish, hamburgers, pork and chicken. This keeps it super simple, as you just select the meat that you are grilling and let the SMARTRO ST54 do the work for you. The SMARTRO ST54 will show you the temperature of the meat you’re cooking and the targeted temperature that it recommends getting the meat too. I do recommend making sure you have the probe in the center of the meat, or near the bone to ensure the proper temperature reading is coming through. Once the temperature of the meat equals the target temperature a buzzer goes off to alert you to check the meat. When this happens check another area of the meat to ensure that all cooked through properly.

Once the buzzer went off it was time to see how the meat was. We sat down and cut into the meat and saw that it looked perfect. We were even more excited when we tasted each piece of meat, it was AMAZING! I’m not saying that this meat thermometer will make everything taste better, but it will give you consistency in your cooking that will lead to more amazing meals.

Overall, this is the first meat thermometer that I’d use on a regular basis. It really is simple and effective and I love that. The different colored screen and set programs make this a no brainer to add to your grilling toolbox.



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SMARTRO sent us a meat thermometer with the intention of getting our true thoughts. No monetary consideration was given for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 2/8/20

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