Smartro SC42 Temperature and Humidity Monitor Review

We have tested hundreds of products for the tailgate, but the homegating scene needs some love too. We founded National Homegating Day for this reason and something that you don’t think much about when hosting a homegating party is the humidity and temperature levels of your home. The Smartro SC42 is the portable temperature and humidity monitor that can ensure perfect conditions at your next party.

The Smartro SC42 is the portable sensor that will give you an easy to read number to show the current temperature and the humidity in your home, or specific room. Let’s check out some of the specs of the Smartro SC42:

-Temperature Range -4 to 158 degrees F

-Humidity Range 1%-99% RH

-Needs 2 AAA batteries (not included)

-Dimensions: 3.5 X 3.5 X 1.1 inches. 

-4.8 ounces

We pulled this out of the box and slid in the 2 AAA batteries and the Smartro fired right up. There is a button on the top that you touch for the LCD screen to light up. It has a bright and easy to read display. With everything being touch screen these days, I find myself trying to tap the screen to complete the various functions, but alas nothing happens as this is not a touch screen device. I understand that this would increase the price (currently under $20) significantly, so I can understand why they did not do that for this model.

This model gives you the high and low temperature and humidity% for the last 24 hours. When we got ours in we checked the temperature and humidity against the sensors that are built into our home and they are pretty close to being dialed in. If you get yours and and it is off you can calibrate both the temperature and humidity with a press of a button on the back of the Smartro SC42.

See the below video to watch this product in action. 

The Smarto weights under 5 ounces and has multiple ways you can display it.  It has a hanger so you can hang this from the wall. Maybe you’d like to have it attached on the fridge? There are two magnets on the back to make that happen. Finally, there is a pull out leg to have it propped up on your bedside table.  No matter where in the home you want to easily see the temperature, or the humidity you can take the Smartro along.

Overall, this is something that I’ve been using more than I originally thought when I first got this in. I have been keeping it by my bedside table to see the temperature and if I need to adjust it before I go to sleep. Where would you use the Smartro SC42 Temperature and Humidity Sensor?

Order your own for under $20 bucks HERE.

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There was NO money exchanged for this review feature. We were sent one unit to test out with the intent to get our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 6/1/20

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