Spatulator Review

No it’s not Arnold’s newest movie, although, he could use this bad boy as a weapon of his. That is if he was playing the role of a Grill Master or Major Tailgater. No, this thing is called the Spatulator because it destroys all other spatula’s out there. How many of you guys have the fire pit/bbq pit in your back yard? If you do, then you know that if you are grilling on one of these, that sometimes that fire gets a little hot. Now if you are like me and you grill for a large crowd, then you probably use a big grill. You know one of those big grills that on a trailer. Well you know as good as I do that they can get pretty dang hot. You can almost forget about trying to use the back of the grill, too much heat to flip those burgers. Well, not any more, not with the Spatulator.

The Spatulator is a total of 55″ long, with a handle length if just a little more than 4′ long. The spatula itself has a width of a little more than 6″, so not only will you be able to flip that burger from a little ways away, you will be able to securely flip the burger as well. The handle is solid wood, sanded down to have a smooth finish. Good strong sturdy handle to handle even the toughest steaks. This thing even came equipped with a Razorback Bottle opener for me. Go Hogs Baby!!!!! And they even added a personal tough by putting our Tailgating Challenge Logo on it.

PROS: Strong, sturdy handle. Plenty of length for even the hot fires. Ability to customize and have fun with it. Helps avoid BURNS

CONS: Almost too long. Would be absolutely perfect if it was just a tad bit shorter, cause let’s be honest, if the fire is that hot, and you need to be that far back, chances are it too hot to cook on it or you will burn your food pretty quickly. Would like to see the name perhaps branded into the wood, instead of just using stickers. The handle of the spatula could have a little cleaner look, more of all in one piece.

OVERALL: I know I named off a few con’s to this Spatula, but overall this is s great product that any tailgater or Grill Master would love to add to their collection. Stay Safe, don’t get burned and  go pick up your Spatulator today and tell em Tailgating Challenge sent ya.

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