SportChair Review

Proper gameday seating is critical to enjoying the tailgate. There are so many options out there to choose from, but we LOVE different types of seating. That’s when we came across the SportChair. When you think tailgating chairs you don’t think inflatable chairs, but you will after this review of the SportChair.

As you can guess the SportChair is an INFLATABLE chair! I have a full arsenal of awesome tailgating chairs, but I never thought an inflatable chair would be part of my gameday tailgating gear. I came across the SportChair on Facebook and my first thought was that it was a gimmicky item that wouldn’t stand the test of time. There was only one way to find out if my initial impressions were correct, I had to get a chair and use it!

I got my SportChair in and it comes packaged, totally deflated, in a box that is easily managed by one person. Once you open the box up you can pull out the SportChair and then locate the battery. Charge the battery up and then you’ll be ready to use the chair.

On the back of the chair you will insert the battery and you’ll see a knob that you twist to either inflate, or twist the other way to deflate the chair. Before inflating make sure that both of the valves (one on each side) are closed. The first time I used this only one was closed and I was concerned at how long it was taking to inflate the chair! Once I closed BOTH of the valves the chair goes from flat to ready to gameday action in about a minute. Once you get the chair inflated to the proper amount twist the knob back to the middle (OFF) position.

Once the SportChair was inflated I took a seat and was impressed at how comfortable it really was. With the air it allowed you to have a rocking sensation while you were sitting. The other great thing about this chair is that you can adjust the air pressure for the perfect feel. Want it a little firmer? Add some air! Want it a little softer? Take some air out. You can really fine tune this chair to your personal settings and it’s simple to do.

When it is time to pack up you need to now OPEN both of the valves at the bottom and then twist the knob the opposite way and it will start to automatically deflate the chair. This process also takes a little over a minute and once it gets near the bottom you can help by pushing/rolling the chair to get the last pockets of air out.

Check out the features of the SportChair:

-Self contained pump
-Both inflate and deflate settings on the internal pump.
-Dual pull valves to make complete deflation for storage a breeze.
-Pull valves on each side to help deflate quicker or without the pump
-Thick .7mm bounce house textured PVC for durability on nearly any outdoor surface.
-Dual cup holders. One is can/bottle sized, the other larger and ready for your favorite red cup filled with your tasty beverage.

I’ve been using the SportChair for a few months and there have been no issues and I’ve only charged the battery once. The only feedback I can give is more to the ladies. If it is a HOT day outside and this chair has been sitting in the sun it will be hotter to the skin than other tailgating chairs.

Overall, the SportChair is easy to use and comes in three different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) the chair is comfortable to sit in and made our list of top tailgating chairs for 2019.

What I thought was a gimmicky item is far more than that. This chair surprised me and it may just surprise you too.

You can learn more and get your own SportChair here:

Hope you enjoyed this NON PAID review! We never take a fee to give our opinion on products, because that would be a conflict of interest! SportChair provided a sample to get our honest thoughts. If you want to see more awesome NON Biased reviews then check out our product review section

By: Luke Lorick 11/2/2019

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