Spretz Review

I love watching Shark Tank. I get to see some fun cool products, here stories about fellow entrepreneurs and get some motivation. While watching an older Shark Tank episode I saw Spretz featured and I was intrigued not only by the product, but by the team that went in front of the sharks. They were so passionate and real about what they did, so I knew I had to reach out. I sent the message while watching the episode and before the show was over they had already reached back out to get some Spretz in my hands. Talk about fast customer service.

I got two Spretz units in the mail in the Cinnamon and Peppermint flavors. Before we get too far, let’s talk about what Spretz is and why it could help you. Spretz takes two things you may have in your car right now: Breath Freshener and Hand Sanitizer and combines it into one product!

Lets look at some facts about Spretz:

-Sugar Free
-0 calories
-all-natural ingredients :Purified water, natural sweetener Stevia (no aspartame), flavored extract (proprietary formula with trace amounts of alcohol).
-made in the USA

Now the big question: does it work? I opened these up and got to spraying. They both taste just as the flavors on the outside state. The Peppermint is very refreshing when sprayed into your mouth. The Cinnamon has a strong cinnamon flavor that reminds me of Big Red gum (or similar cinnamon flavored gum).

So these work great as a way to freshen your breath up. Now onto spraying it on your germy hands. I sprayed a few shot onto my hands and rubbed it in and seemed very similar to hand sanitizer, except for the smell. When you spray on your hands there will be a powerful Cinnamon or Peppermint aroma in the air. People around me commented on this as well. Don’t get me wrong this is not a bad thing, as it smells good, but it’s different compared to normal hand sanitizer.

I normally have gum and hand sanitizer in my car. Now I can easily slide Spretz in the glove box to clean my hands after pumping gas, or get my breath fresh before a big meeting.

Get FRESH breath and CLEAN hands with Spretz!


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