Starry Light Projector

Starry Light Projectors are all the rage. These devices turn your ceiling into a colorful party. Friends that come over will drop their jaw when they see the light show that is going across your ceiling. I’ve been testing multiple units out and found, what is currently my favorite Starry Light Projector.

The Yachance starry light projector is one of my favorites for a few reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the features it has to get started.


  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Nebula Lighting
  • Multiple Light Modes
  • Wireless Remote (battery included)
  • Timer
  • Multiple Position set ups for flexibility

We got ours in and I could tell that this Starry Light Projector had a little higher quality housing that others we tested out. In addition, the remote came with batteries and it comes with the USB plug to go into your standard home outlet (none of the others had this).

This starry light projector was different than others, as it can place a fun, moving light show on the walls of the room, in addition to the ceiling. You can position this unit in three positions to allow the light shows to be shot on ceiling, at an angle or on the wall.

My favorite visual aspect is the color changing cloud. It looks amazing as the could rolls and changes colors. Check out our video, below, to see this in action.


PROS: Remote comes with batteries, USB plug adapter, amazing cloud feature, 3 ways to position

CONS: I wish the clouds could stretch and get larger, currently they are centered in the light display

Overall, this has been my favorite starry light projector that I’ve tested so far. More testing on more units to come so check back and follow our YOUTUBE channel to more fun videos.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/18/20

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