Starry Projector Light Review

Ceilings are normally, BORING! No one goes into a house and says I’m looking for a nice ceiling, but we just found a product that can turn any ceiling into the centerpiece of the room. May I introduce you to the Tesoky Starry Projector Light. What this can do to your ceiling is in one word: AMAZING.

We got our Tesoky Starry Projector on Amazon as I had my eyes on this and thought it would add some flair to homegating parties and movie night. It arrived in couple of days (side note Amazon shipping is awesome) and we pulled it out and started testing.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this Starry Projector Light:

-Bluetooth speaker

-USB power cord

-Remote controlled 

-Music mode 

-Adjustable light brightness (on remote only) 

We got it out of the box, plugged in and it came right on with the stars projecting on the ceiling.  You can adjust the stars with the Starry Mode button on the back or the remote control. There is a red series of stars that is one of the modes that looks like an eye that centers up on the ceiling. From there I pushed the LED mode button and that’s when the party gets started.  Waves of LED color start to scroll over the ceiling and through the stars. There are 15 different colors in LED mode that you can choose from to keep something fresh on your ceiling.

The first time I set up this up and looked at ceiling and simply said WOW. It is so cool and a little trippy. It’s like you’re going into an alternate dimension. I was in awe and still am every time I cut this light on. When guests come over they want to talk about this Starry Projector Light vs. anything else that we have going on.

Areas of opportunity:

One thing that I would like to have an upgrade on is adding an internal battery to this unit, so you don’t have to be tethered to the wall. The power is supplied by a micro USB cord (included).

The Music mode makes the lights flash, but they don’t actually appear to be flashing with the tune. It seems to be same flashing pattern no matter what song you are listening to.


This is an inexpensive ($32.99 at time of this article) way to really change the complexion of a room when the sun goes down. I’m using mine every night and enjoying it. Let us know what questions you have and check out our Youtube video below.

Get your own on Starry Projector Light on AMAZON 

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/17/20

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