Stashers Bicycle Cooler Review

Life is all about the journey. At the end of the journey there is nothing like a COLD beer. Celebrating your accomplishments with a warm beer is ok, but its not great. You deserve great, so its time to check out the Stashers Cooler.

The Stashers cooler is the perfect cooler for your bike! The modular cooler from Stashers attaches with Velcro to the frame and allows three beers (or other beverage) in its 3.0 edition. We got our Stashers installed in a matter of seconds, as you really just have to Velcro it on and you’re ready to ride.

Stashers is a cooler that can keep your drinks cold, but it also has credit card sized ice packs that slide into the cooler to keep your drinks even colder. Of course I’m here to do more than just talk about what you can find on the companies website, so I had to put this to the test to give you my honest feedback.

*Remember we never take a fee to complete a product review for a company. That’s a conflict of interest, but you’d be surprised how often that happens in the world.

Back to the review at hand, I love to go on bike rides and will put some miles on my bike on a regular basis. I normally have a water bottle, but never in a cooler. Normally midway through the ride it is already getting warm in the Texas heat. After I got my Stashers installed I slid a few ROOM TEMPERATURE water bottles into the cooler and placed three of the credit card iced packs into the Stashers with the water bottles.

We took off on our journey and about 4 miles in we pulled off for a drink and I was shocked, the water was actually colder! It tasted like the water had come right out of the fridge. Remember this water was lukewarm, roughly 78 degrees, when I placed it into the Stashers cooler and we were riding in 90+ degree temperatures. Right then I knew this cooler would easily keep a cold drink cold for hours!

The Stashers also has the ability to be modular, meaning you can connect multiple ones together. You can be the hero on your next ride with your friends and keep everyone’s drink ice cold.

Stashers come in three sizes:

Small 10″ x 3″
Medium 15″ x 3″
Large 20.5″ x 3″

They also come in the following colors: Orange, Black, Green, and Floral.

No matter where the journey takes you in life make sure your drink is cold at the finish line.

Get your own Stashers Cooler HERE

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