Stealth Core Fitness Trainer

You’re only as strong as your core. You’ve heard those lines before, if you’ve ever set foot in a gym. One of the best ways to build core muscles is with the planking exercise. Planks are effective, but the time spent holding a plank seems endless and well BORING! Days of boring planks are over once we got our hands on the Stealth Core Fitness Trainer.

The Stealth Core Fitness trainer takes the concept of the plank but adds in FUN! The Stealth board has a pivot on it, so you can move side to side and activate muscles you didn’t know you had before. Let’s get to the fun part: GAMES! There is an app that you download and can play games while you are planking. These games add the fun element and push you to try and beat your high score. You can even play head to head with your friends to see who can get the high score.

See the full video below.

The free app gives you access to two free games and then one rotating premium game.

Free Games: Galaxy Adventure and Speed Gliding.

I enjoy the Galaxy Adventure as there is more movement and skill that is required in that game.

The current (as of 5/17/20) premium games ($24.99 per year) are: Space Escapes, Bubble Blast, Archery Adventure, Mini Golf Mania, Mountain Bike Madness, Color Chase,  Might Maze, and Fun Runner.

The first time I got on the Stealth board I was challenged in a way that I didn’t was possible. I set a 3 minute timer (it goes up to 99 minutes!) and then started moving over planets to blow them up to get the points rolling in. Once you see your first score and maybe a friends score, it makes you want to jump back on the board and get a higher score. I was literally sore for three days after my first few rounds with the Stealth Trainer.

I have been using the Stealth Fitness Trainer for over a month and still enjoy it. I can see why they offer premium games, as you start to look for new challenges the more you play. I have not subscribed to premium games yet, but think I’ll make that investment in the near future.

One thing to remember is do NOT stand on the board! It is not set up for that and you could injure yourself.

The Stealth Trainer is perfect to use in the comfort of your own home, but it is also portable , so you can take it to the park, or a friends house to challenge them to a plank off game.

I’ve been into the fitness scene for 20+ years and this is one piece of equipment that will not get dusty in the corner of your basement. It pushes you to do more and you’re doing it while you’re having fun. Once you get your own let us know your high score and lets have some fun!

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More on the Premium Games:

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Written by: Luke Lorick 5/17/20

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