Stonebreaker Gloves Review

If you’re a fan of our page I’ll bet you’ve grilled a thing or two in your day. A few things go hand in hand with grilling. First and foremost is safety. Secondly, is having an ice cold adult beverage. The Stonebreaker gloves can help with both of these.

The Stonebreaker gloves actually have a bottle opener embedded into the palm of the right glove, so you can pop the top without burning your meat or your hands.

The gloves are 100% leather shell that smell great (I love the smell of leather) and also fit well. The gloves will assist in helping you not get burned if you touch the grill on accident, but please don’t stick your hands into an open flame as your results may vary!

PROS: comfortable, stylish, safe, built in bottle opener

CONS: no different color choices, if you’re a lefty then you may not like the bottle opener feature as much. I spilled the beer the first few times I popped the top while learning the unique bottle opener. I know party foul!

Overall, if you like to grill and chill, safely then you may need to click below to a set of your own.

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