Stubby Strip Review

Most parties you go to are BYOB, but there are times you just don’t want to lug your big cooler around to bring a few drinks. The Stubby Strip helps with this issue and makes bringing a six pack, or a few bottles of wine/champagne a breeze.

The Stubby Strip is a neoprene like material that securely holds your drinks so you can easily bring them to where the party is! They have one for beers and one for liquor/wine/champagne.

When loading the beers you can fit a six pack into the holders and then for the 7th opening put a frozen bottle of water. This will help keep the drinks colder, longer. Once all loaded you simply pull the velcro tight and you’re off. My initial worry was that if you turn it upside down or are rough on it then the drinks may fall out causing damage to your precious drinks and maybe a broken glass hazard for you. This was not the case and I fully trust the mechanism to hold my drinks in this. Also, there is one detachable koozie for the 7th opening so you have your koozie ready to go when you get to the party.

Stubby Strip also makes one that will hold up to 4 bottles of wine. This is obviously heavier than 6 beers, so it comes with a shoulder strap if you don’t want to carry it by hand.

PROS: lightweight, easy to carry, secure, don’t have to haul a cooler when you just need a few drinks.

CONS: The wine/liquor/Champagne edition won’t fit every bottle of champagne or liquour depending on size.

Overall: This is a great idea if you need to go “tailgate hopping” or down the street for a neighborhood shindig.

Watch the video below to see how to use both of these.

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*As always please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. 

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