Stump Crafters

Ready for a fun, new way to entertain your friends at your next tailgate party? Time to get a stump, some nails and maybe a few beers:)

Stump Crafters produces a game in which there is a high quality, solid, and finished piece of sanded wood with a handle on it to take it wherever you want to go. You then start a nail for each player in the top of the wood. The object of the game is for each player to take one swing of the hammer to strike their nail and then pass it to the next player, who then hits their own personal nail. The first person to get their nail flush with the wood wins.

I’ll be honest, I thought this game was going to be easy and not much of a challenge for anyone, but after one session I have been humbled! We had four players who each had their own nail and there were multiple times we missed the nail totally when swinging. Not sure if its lack of skill, or the few beers prior (maybe a little bit of both).

As the game went on you had to find the balance between power and accurracy to have a chance to win.

We took it a step further to add some more fun to the standard game by incorporating a dice, whatever number you roll you get that many hits.

Further, if you missed your nail you had to drink. For everyone that didn’t win they then had to hit their nail all the way in and however many additional hits it took to drive the nail (after the winner had already won) thats how many drinks they had to take.

Here is additional FAQ and rules to get you started:

PROS: more fun than expected, you can be creative with how you and your friends play. They make a regular and a travelers edition, they can also customize with logo for additional fee.

CONS: When we first started we actually had two nails fly out of the wood on the first hit, so make sure you have the nails driven in a respectable amount to prevent flying nails!

Overall, this is a fun, portable, game that you can play inside or outside and we will be picking up the hammers again the near future.

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**Remember to always be safe when playing any game, please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. #StaySafeHaveFun

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