SubSafe Review

Summer time means pools, beaches, and coolers filled with chilled beverages. With all the water comes problems from the potential of your phone falling in the pool, or your sandwich taking on water in the cooler. The SubSafe is ready to protect your treasures from the water.

The idea for the SubSafe came when the owner was boating 40 miles off the coast of Florida when he pulled a soggy sub sandwich from the cooler. Sidenote I’ve had plenty of soggy/cold subs in my day. In my early tailgating days I always got a case of beer, 2 bags of ice and a subway sandwich. The beer was cold, but the sandwich wasn’t quite as good. Now back to the story.  The owner, Adam, then realized a cooler is no place for the vulnerable sub sandwich and thus the SubSafe was born.

The Subsafe is a waterproof, crushproof container for subs that comes to you in 3 pieces to protect a 6 inch or 12 inch sub sandwich. The SubSafe comes in Seafoam Green or Pink colors. The SubSafe even floats on top of the water. This is a game changer when it comes to the other things the SubSafe can do for you.

Sure we know this was built for sandwiches, but it can protect much more. The SubSafe is the perfect device to protect your phone, keys, wallet and more from the sand and water. Remember it floats too, so if you’re at the pool, or on a boat and it goes over board, no worries. It will be floating right where you left it and all of the contents will be nice and dry.

Check out the video below to watch the SubSafe in action

I got my SubSafe in and loaded it up with a remote control, my wallet, keys, apple and a paper towel (to easily see if water got into the SubSafe). I filled a cooler up with water and tossed the unloaded and fully loaded SubSafe in. Both floated with no issues at all. I then took the fully loaded SubSafe and shook it underwater, to see if any water would seep in. After vigorous shaking I pulled it out and opened it up to see how everything fared. The paper towel was perfectly dry! Everything was dry inside and I’m now confident in the SubSafe and it’s ability to keep EVERYTHING you put in it dry.

PROS: two different sizes (both come in same box), bright colors, they float, keeps water out, they also make a donation to end childhood hunger with each purchase.

CONS: Only comes in one shape at this time.

Overall, if you use a cooler, or are around water then the SubSafe is the easy and economical way to protect your prized possessions. Check out SubSafe below and remember:  We must protect this sub.


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