GCI Outdoor Sunshade Eazy Chair

If you tailgate you must have a comfy chair, but even when you have a comfy chair you could still have a problem: the blazing sun. The sun could easy make a perfect tailgate into a hot, burned affair.

The GCI Outdoor Sunshade Eazy Chair looks to help make your tailgate as comfortable as possible. They bring you a comfortable chair, with a cupholder and the adjustable sunshade that you can use to keep sun off your face.  As the sun moves and the day goes on you can adjust the top of the sunshade to keep the sun from burning you up.

The Sunshade Eazy Chair is a folding chair that has a carrying case. The set up is simple as you remove it from the bag, pull the chair open and then pull the sunshade feature up to position it to block the sun. I’m a huge fan of the other chair that GCI Outdoor mades: Freestyle Rocker as that is the most comfortable chair I’ve used and I’m biased and think any chair that is not a rocker will not be as comfortable. The Sunshade Eazy Chair is not a rocker, but I was honestly surprised at how comfortable it was. The comfort level combined with the ability to keep the sun off makes this one of the top chairs on the market. I’ll be honest, I can get a sunburn pretty easily, so this is a gamechanger!

PROS: comfortable, keeps the sun off, portable

CONS: only suggestions add an additional cup holder

Overall, the Sunshade Eazy Chair is a great chair that is something that many of us need, who burn easily. If you want to be comfy and not be sunburned then its an ‘Eazy’ choice to go with the Sunshade Eazy Chair!

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