Swypers Review

Ever thought that your windshield wiper could rep your favorite team?

Now it can with Swypers.

Tired of the permanence of Bumper Stickers? Swypers are the answer! They measure at 4×6 and attach to your rear windshield wiper. They are extremely duarable and have a ratchet style mounting system so you can turn it vertical or horizontal. Very affordable pricing at 14.95.

Remove it whenever you want and doesn’t leave debris behind like a sticker, affordable pricing, durable and looks great!

The only down fall I could find with this product is if another fan has sticky fingers it would be easy to take your swyper off your car. I think it would be cool if they created another line that lights up!

Solar Buddies
If your vehicle doesn’t have a rear windshield wiper Solar Buddies could be your answer. Included, in the package, are Velcro and a suction cup you can place your Solar Buddy anywhere you want to. It is Solar Powered so no need for batteries. Its has a small solar powered motor that waves your teams logo attached to the Solar Buddy arm!

Awesome design, very durable, affordable pricing, no need for batteries and very unique!
Has to be in a well lit area due to it being solar powered

Hand Warmers
No more cold hands at the game. Swypers have come out with a rechargeable hand warmer. This is an awesome item. Ive got tons of disposable hand warmers at my house and this product gets rid of the need for any of them. They get warm within 5 mins whereas most other hand warmers take 20-30 mins to get warm. Hand Warmer lasts for 4-5 hrs on one charge. Once its dead simply hook it up to the usb and charge it back up. Plus, having your teams logo on it makes it even greater.

Heats up faster than most hand warmers, rechargeable,

affordable, compact size so you can carry in your pocket

If you could adjust the temperature it would take this product over the top

Swypers LLC has a very unique line of products that can be useful for any sports fan. All items are affordable, durable and look great!

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