TailGaiter Pants Review

Pants made for professional tailgaters!

Wind Proof, Water Proof, Stain Proof

We were lucky enough to get a pair of these very unique tailgating pants from the guys over at Tailgaters and they came in handy as it snowed the week we received them.

These pants have built in koozies, a bottle opener, keychain, NFL logo of choice, adjustable waist, vented thighs, adjustable bottom cuff and the list goes on.

They are wind proof, water proof and stain proof. It is not a lie that these bad boys WILL keep you warm. The zippered vents come in handy.

These pants run true to size so I would not buy a little big as they will really be a bit too big (I am notorious for this). Currently these pants are selling for $89.99

PROS: unique pair of pants with options galore for the hardcore tailgater, they have all the NFL teams.

CONS: These pants are more for up north tailgaters as there are not too many days in the South when you could where these. There are no college teams offered currently.

If you consistently tailgate in COLD temperatures then you must check these out. For those of you cold natured southerns I would also recommend them.

Get yours here:


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