Tailgate Pong Review

Tailgating and pick up trucks go together like kegs and Solo cups. Just when you think the back of a truck can’t get any more perfect for drinking, Tailgate Pong takes it to a whole new level.

We were SO impressed with Tailgate Pong- it’s made of high quality HDPE so that you can keep it on your truck year round, it’s easy to install, and includes all of the necessary hardware. We loved that there are cup holders not just for the beer pong cups, but also for the rinse cups. There’s even an indentation meant to hold your pong balls.

Tailgate Pong also includes their Promotional Kit with your order- a branded drawstring backpack with branded Tailgate Pong balls and a koozie.

PROS: Durable, easy installation, maintains practicality of a tailgate liner, place for rinse cups and balls, promotional kit included with your order

CONS: Can’t be used with every truck model(they do have a lot and more coming), certain “reracks” can’t be done

Overall: This is a great product that goes beyond novelty use. It’s perfect for frequent tailgaters, camping trips, or anyone who likes a good game of beer pong in a pinch. You can buy your own Tailgate Pong at http://tailgatepong.com.

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