Tailgate Tray Review

When you tailgate you seem to always need a free hand and a place to put your food and drink. How many times have you been holding a plate of food in one hand and your drink in the other? Then you try to figure out how you eat your food when both hands are full. What about those times you need a free hand to high five a friend, or play cornhole? The Tailgate Tray is here to help free your hands up.

The Tailgate Tray is a tray that you attach to your waistline to provide a place to hold your food and drinks. The Tailgate Tray comes in multiple colors and is adjustable to fit around just about any sized waist. There is a circular section made for your plate and there are two drink holders on the back corners when you need to have a place to put your beer.

We got a few of the Tailgate Trays sent out to us to check out. I brought them up to the local brewery to test out while we had a few good craft beers (Shout out to Railport Brewing for letting us shoot the video here).  I put the Tailgate Tray on and wore it around the brewery for a little while to see what I thought about it. I had some strange stares and a few questions that people felt compelled to ask. One guy thought it was a tailgating style game and wanted to know how to play!

Putting the Tailgate Tray on is simple and you adjust the waist band and clip it together in the back. Then tighten it up as much as possible to make it sturdy to hold your food and drinks without spilling. Once I had it on I placed some drinks in the drink holder and started to walk around. I would recommend drinking a little bit out of the drink before placing them on the Tailgate Tray and moving around, or they could spill. I did spill a little beer on my shirt as a result of this #PartyFoul.

The Tailgate Tray works as advertised and can help free up your hands. Just don’t spill your beer. I think these are a fun novelty that could start some conversation and fun at your next tailgate.

Check out the video below to see the Tailgate Tray in action and yes we got a little silly with this one!


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