Tailgater II Review

We love fire pits! Having a great fire pit going on a cool night with a cold beer and good friends is our idea of paradise. We just found a new fire pit that really takes what we thought about fire pits and turns it upside down. The Tailgater II by Ukiah Co. is a propane powered fire pit that also has a built in Bluetooth sound system. Now you can have a cozy fire going while playing your favorite song. But wait, there’s more! This fire pit will really become the life of the party when you hit the magical button that makes the fire dance to the music that you’re playing! That’s right, the fire will actually dance to the beat!

The Tailgater II is revolutionizing the fire pit industry with the amount of technology built into each unit:

• Beat to Music (BTM) Mode
• 2.1 Patented 12V 100 watt sound system
• Two 3.5” marine grade speakers
• Subwoofer
• Wireless connectivity with 60Ft range
• 4 Modes: Music | Fire | Fire and Music | BTM
• Custom rechargeable 30+ hour battery
• Quick-connect adapter for 20lb LP tank
• Electric starter
• Rugged construction
• Powder-coated steel body

 Product dimensions: 17 x 14 x 14 Inches // 34 LBS

See the FULL VIDEO showcasing the Tailgater II below.

The Tailgater II is easy to load and unload so you can take it to the tailgate, campsite or neighborhood party. Once you get to the party location then it’s time to hook up the propane tank with the quick-connect valve that will hook up in a matter of seconds. No trying to line the threads up and having to screw this on.

Turn the propane tank on and then twist the starter knob to high. Press down for the electric starter to start the fire pit up. Once started you can adjust the level of the flame to the perfect setting to set the party mood.

The Beat to Music Mode is what truly separates the Tailgater II from the competition. You adjust the propane flow to the music setting on the back and then turn the volume on the front of the unit down. Turn the volume up on your phone and you will have an awesome light show, as the flames literally dance to the beats of your favorite song. This way you can get the low volume music and a dance show, so you can still have conversations around your fire pit.  When you’re done talking and ready to challenge the fire pit to a dance off, turn the music up on the Tailgater II and listen to the two 3.5 inch marine grade speakers rock the party.

tailgater II Dancing

There is a Tailgater Grill Accessory that will turn your Tailgater II into a grill! This feature is simple to add on and only took me a matter of seconds to put it on top of the Tailgater II to have the grill surface needed to throw on some great grub and feed the party.

The Tailgater II also come with lava rocks to go around the base of the fire pit for aesthetics and a magnetic lid to ensure those lava rocks don’t go anywhere, when you’re traveling. These are not needed for operation of your fire pit. They may cause some vibration noise when you crank up the sound system.

The Tailgater II will awe your friends when you hit the magic Beat to Music Mode button and they fall into a trance as the flames dance to the music. Take it a step further and challenge your friends to see who can dance better the fire pit or them!

We tested hundreds of new products this year and the Tailgater II was one of our favorites. We founded National Homegating Day that is celebrated on January 1st each year and the Tailgater II made our TOP 10 products list for the first annual National Homegating Day!

National Homegating Day

Learn more and get your dancing fire pit machine by visiting: https://www.ukiahco.com/

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Ukiah Co. did supply us with a unit to test out with the understanding that we would give our honest opinion about their product.

Written by: Luke Lorick 11/28/19


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