Tailgating Luxury Loveseat Review

You enjoy a nice loveseat in your home, why not have it at the tailgating party? You can now with the tailgating luxury loveseat. This loveseat helps bring you closer to loved ones and even has a cup holder for your wine glass. Don’t worry there is a standard cupholder too! If you’re ready to take a loveseat to the tailgate, or the campsite read on in the tailgating luxury loveseat review.

Loveseat Features

-Steel frame

-Two colors (orange and teal)

-Each side holds up to 225 pounds (450 total)

-Carrying Case

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tailgating loveseat
All Smiles Here

What Did We Think?

I love the idea of having a larger tailgating chair. You can get closer to your loved ones, bring your pets into the chair, or just lounge to get even more comfortable.

These luxury loveseats are bright in color and easy to set up. Set up is literally in seconds! Each love seat has a normal drink holder on each side, but it also boasts the ability to hold a wine glass on each side too. This is a big feature as most chairs don’t allow you to safely place your wine glass down. That changes now and it held a variety of stemmed glasses to perfection.

When two full sized adults were in the chairs it was cozy and I’d encourage you to share this loveseat with someone you well, love. In addition to bringing you closer to loved ones this chair is great for lounging. Putting your legs up and getting comfortable was easy with the extra space this loveseat provides.

When you’re done you put the chair back into the carrying case. Like most carrying cases I wish it was a little looser to allow the chair to slide in with less effort.

There is a soft folding table that is color matched to the luxury loveseat (sold separately) that adds a ton of storage and folds up too. You can also find this table and save with the link and promo code below.

tailgating loveseat
Loveseats with matching table.


PROS: bright colors, easy set up, comfortable for lounging, normal cup holder and wine glass holders
CONS: carrying case could be a little bigger for getting chair back in

Overall, the tailgating loveseat can offer some additional flexibility over your standard tailgating chairs. It’s going to be a new chair in our arsenal to help bring more together at tailgating events.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 4/18/22

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