Tailgator Beverage Glove

We’ve all been there.  Hanging outside on a cold day all bundled up and having a drink, but the problem arises when you can’t get a strong enough grip on your can/bottle and it slips out of your hand or you have to use two hands to hold it.  Well The Tailgator Beverage Glove has solved the problem with their clever addition to the normal winter glove.

The Beverage Glove has a drink holder (the company calls it a pocket) that is attached to the glove to assist with holding your drink and it works perfectly.  The glove itself is made of a soft microfleece shell, thinsulate insulation, waterproof lining and soft rubber-tech grip to keep your hands warm and your beverage cold.  The special addition to the glove is the very simple pocket that sits in the perfect position to gently grip the beverage and drink your beverage with ease.  No worrying about it falling out of your hand.  I tried it with both a bottle and a can and had no problems with either.  The best part of the pocket is with one simple move, the pocket comes detached on one side so you can flip it over and hide it on the back of your hand when you don’t need the assistance of the pocket.

Pros: Keep you hands warm (3M Thinsulate), assists with the grip of your beverage when wearing a glove, comes in a variety of colors, three sizes (M-XL), can be used as a normal glove without restrictions when pocket isn’t in use.

Cons: The gloves we received had the pocket on the right-hand glove.  I am a right-handed person and would prefer the pocket be in my left hand so I could still use my dominant hand while holding my beverage in the other hand.  There should be an option to buy either a right or left hand pocket or just have the pocket on both hands.

Overall it is a clever idea for those cold weather outings whether is a tailgate, camping trip or a skiing adventure to keep your hands warm and your drink cold!

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