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A picnic blanket can come in handy for an awesome picnic date, music concerts, enjoying a mountain view and the list goes on. There are many good picnic blankets out there, but few with unique style. Tarpestry solves this problem for those that want a little something extra to show off their individual tastes.

Tarpestry is a decorative tarp that is made with water repellent and UV resistant polyester to help ensure your Tarpestry will be looking good for years to come. There were a variety of styles to choose from, but there was the Blue Ridge Parkway (original painting by: Jerika Renee) in the Artist Edition that really caught my eye. Yes, you heard correctly they actually have a line up for decorative tarps where they have taken beautiful paintings and transfer them to the Tarpestry. It is obvious this particular one is popular as it continually sells out and is out of stock!

When I got the Tarpestry in I packed it in my hiking bag and knew this would be best reviewed on top of a mountain. We climbed to the top of Sullivans Gulch Mountain outside of Estes Park and found a nice spot to see what the Tarpestry was made out of. First off, I have a smaller hiking back and this still was able to slide into the pack. It weighed 4 pounds, so I knew I had some extra weight, but it was not a huge deal. If anything it just gives you a better work out.

The Tarpestry comes tied together with twine and there was a pair of 3D glasses that came with the Tarpestry too. I put these to the side at first and when I got home later I put them on and I watched the Tarpestry come to life, pretty cool. Back to the mountain, the Tarpestry spread and opened easily. It will take some time for the ‘folds’ to work themselves out from being packed. I guess you could iron it too, but really who irons anymore? No really who does I need some help:)

The first thing I noticed when I spread it out and stood back was truly how beautiful, bright and vibrant the colors were in this Tarpestry. It has UV resistant materials to help keep this jaw dropping appearance for years to come. There is a velcro pocket in the bottom right. This would be a great spot to store the stakes that can go into each corner, to hold the Tarpestry down should the wind pick up. Speaking of stakes they are NOT included with the purchase, but you can add them to your ORDER when checking out. I’d recommend getting some of these stakes, you’ll thank me later.

It is noted that the material is water repellent, but not water resistant. To test this out further I pulled out the hose and shot it with some water. I was expecting this amount of water would bead up a little, but it puddled but, you could then shake it off the Tarpestry.

A final look at all the features of Tarpestry:

SIZE: 6′ x 4.5′

WEIGHT: 4 lbs


• Storage pocket with velcro closure

• Standard 4 grommets – one on each corner. Choose additional grommets for hanging and staking options: over a hammock, setting up a pup-tent, lean-to, etc.


• UV/fade resistant poplin, sublimation print

• Digitally printed replication of “Blue Ridge Parkway” by Jerika Renee.

• Water repellent/UV resistant polyester (charcoal)

• Polyester border (black)

My two pieces of feedback would be to have the 4 stakes included and step it up to water resistant instead of just repellent.

Overall, if you are looking for the best looking decorative tarp for your outdoor festivities I’d recommend checking outthe various styles that Tarpestry has to offer. If you order one we’d love to see, so tag us on social media.

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Enjoy our video showing off more features of the Tarpestry below:

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We never get paid for reviews! There was no money exchanged for this or any of our reviews. Tarpestry provided one sample with the intent of getting our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 7/9/20

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